Turismo de naturaleza - avista miento de delfines


The Alto Orinoco is located between Colombia and Venezuela and is part of the route that the naturalist expeditionary Alexander von Humboldt made in the fourteenth century to study natural resources and the vast geography of the Orinoco River and the Casiquiare arm. Part of this wonderful experience can be experienced starting a trip along the Orinoco River from Puerto Carreño-Vichada to Puerto Inírida-Guainía, passing through the rapids of Atures and Maipures, through the beautiful landscapes of El Tuparro National Natural Park, by the River Star from the South, where the Orinoco, Guaviare and Atabapo rivers meet, by the Cerros de Mavicure, by the savannas where Flor de Inírida grows and visiting several indigenous communities of Sikuanis and Puinaves.

The Meta department belongs a large part of the Sumapaz páramo, this makes it very rich in water and nature, from where beautiful cascades full of charm that you must know. Come and we will show you this important Natural wealth.

Enjoy this recommended spot with the routes we have prepared for you; the Department of Meta is positioned in the top 4 best in Colombia for bird watching, an experience full of diversity to be in a privileged area of ​​plain, mountain and nature.

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