Let yourself go where nature is the protagonist


The Alto Orinoco is located between Colombia and Venezuela and is part of the route that the naturalist expeditionary Alexander von Humboldt made in the fourteenth century to study natural resources and the vast geography of the Orinoco River and the Casiquiare arm. Part of this wonderful experience can be experienced starting a trip along the Orinoco River from Puerto Carreño-Vichada to Puerto Inírida-Guainía, passing through the rapids of Atures and Maipures, through the beautiful landscapes of El Tuparro National Natural Park, by the River Star from the South, where the Orinoco, Guaviare and Atabapo rivers meet, by the Cerros de Mavicure, by the savannas where Flor de Inírida grows and visiting several indigenous communities of Sikuanis and Puinaves.


The Colombian Eastern plains “ Los Llanos Orientales” are an ideal scenario for bird watching because they have a variety of climates and are located at the foot of the Eastern Cordillera from where the plain is detached, giving a varied ecosystem suitable for thousands of endemic and migratory birds that all the years look for a propitious climate for its reproduction. About 275 species among thousands of ducks, gulls, parakeets, parrots, herons, among others, meet every year fleeing from northern Canada to reach the south of the continent and finding in the eastern plains of Colombia as in the Andean area the perfect place to feed, reproduce and why not stay a good season.


Enjoy an activity full of nature and adrenaline, leaving Villavicencio. More activities recommended on the site. Remember the reservation for this medium

. We are waiting for you, know the best of the Puerta del Llano, its cuisine, its culture and its customs in a tour or city tour of this beautiful city, park of the founders, love stone, historic center of Villavicencio, Bioparque de los Ocarros , viewpoint of Restrepo, Tiuma Park, Arawana Park, park of the Malocas with its trail of myths and legends and other attractions that you will surely love


he route of the waterfalls, is located within the emerging destinations of the department of Meta, beautiful landscapes and rivers that descend from the eastern mountain range bathing the plain with all its charms. The route is located towards the south of the department called the "RUTA DEL EMBRUJO LLANERO". and that they were victims in the past of the armed conflict, there, we support the local community that tries to get ahead with a new model of economy and that is why they are the ones who provide us with accommodation, guidance, food and support in the region.